From web animations to business presentations IDLmedia offers a range of multimedia services. Whether you need material for the Web, Print, Photo Editing, Flash, Rich media, CD, DVD or TV our talented design team will listen carefully to your intentions and provide you with appropriate design choices.

Flash Website Design and Development

Flash plug-in now covers nearly 90% of all web browsers. We feel that the will of the people is clear. That’s why we develop stunning, full-screen websites with captivating animation, navigation and interactive features.

Web Videos

With today’s online capabilities, creating a fully-interactive multimedia experience is our passion. And your audience wants it from you. With vivid sound and images, we stitch together videos, pictures, and text effects to create web videos as slick as your business itself.


Multimedia provides flexible, interactive ways to deliver your business message. Video, animation, graphics, text and dynamic user interfaces all can be integrated as CD, printable literature, DVDs, kiosks, all linked to web content to engage users and provide the most current information.

Rich Media

Rich media ads are the ones that expand, perhaps take over the web page for a bit, letting you explore it without leaving the page-the ones that give you more creative freedom.  All these and much, much more can be done in a rich media ad.

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