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A dynamite Web site tells customers everything they need to know about your business, without bogging them down. Before you begin designing your Web site and writing copy, plan what elements you want and need.

A basic business Web site consists of one or more Web pages that contain information about your business that helps them understand what you offer, and sells them on choosing you. You could think of it in terms of a Yellow Pages display ad. In fact, if you already run such ads, they can be the basis of your site content.

Here are our tips for improving 10 key aspects of your Web site.



Put some real thought into site layout, so customers can navigate it easily. Make sure all important sections are prominently listed.


Incorporate memorable elements of your brand into your Web site, such as your logo and company color scheme. Make your logo prominent on your home page and put it on all subsequent pages to promote your brand.

Home page

Visitors should be able to tell immediately what your site is about.


If your primary business is offline, just present enough clear, concise information to get customers to call or email. If you sell your products or services online, provide complete information to give customers the confidence to click and buy. Don’t put too much content on any one page, as Internet readers don’t like to scroll down.

Refresh content

Changing content draws customers back. One easy way to renew your content without a lot of code changes is by starting a blog or news.


Use complementary colors that make your text easily readable.

Be accessible

Make sure your contact information or a prominent link to it is at the top or bottom of every page of your site.

Think SEO

Always bear search engine optimization (SEO) in mind as you design. Photos and splashy graphics may look nice, but likely won’t be read by search engines.

Sound good

Music that starts playing automatically when your site loads is an automatic turnoff for many visitors. If you have sound, make sure it’s pleasant and easily disabled.

Web Design Company

Hire a well-established  web design and hosting company, always ask for references.

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